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   Vavilov:   The exact strain of this oriental tobacco is unknown. The seed is said to have originated from the seed collection of  Nikolai Vavilov,  who was a prominent Russian and Soviet botanist and geneticist best known for having identified the origins of the worlds most cultivated plants. Vavilov's seed collection has over 200,000 specimens from around the world. 

 Our seed was acquired from an experienced Ohio grower and seller of premium high grade whole leaf tobacco. The seed came into his possession from another retired grower with simpy the name of "Vavilov".  He was kind enough to share it with us and others.   

  Vavilov grows to a height of  6' with dark glossy green leaves averaging 7" x 10". It produces an average of 28 harvestable leaves per plant with blooming starting at 45-50 days. The maturing leaves turn a lighter green, becoming yellow at the tips as they ripen. It air cures easily and sun cures to a light golden brown. 

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