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   TN 86, the first burley tobacco variety having resistance to TVMV and TEV diseases, was released by the University of Tennessee as a commercial cultivar in 1986. The new cultivar, which is also resistant to black shank, black root rot, wildfire, and most strains of potato virus Y, was developed at the Tobacco Experiment Station in Greeneville. TN 86 is a medium-to-late-maturing cultivar at about 80 days, that has more leaves and a more upright growth habit than other burley cultivars. Extensive testing throughout Tennessee and surrounding states has demonstrated that TN 86 is widely adaptable. TN 86 has substantially out-yielded other burley cultivars in areas that have heavy infestations of TVMV or TEV diseases. The cured leaf is generally reddish-tan in color and has consistently sold for prices comparable to or higher than those for other cultivars.
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