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 Orinoco - Classified as a primitive variety, this is the original Orinoco imported from Java, Indonesia. The first Virginian types of tobacco were developed from the original Orinocos.

  Orinoco grows to 6 feet in height and matures in about 60 days after transplant. The leaves are long and narrow growing to over 24" by 10" wide and produce a flavorful smoke. It has a high nicotine content  at 4.27%.Orinoco is a good choice for those wanting a fuller flavor and higher nicotine content than found in most Virginian Bright Leaf types. It makes a good blend to mix with low nicotine tobaccos like Virginia Gold or Orientals. Many pipe smokers prefer Orinoco for its richer flavor over the lighter flavored Virginians. 

  USDA  PI 73505

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