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   Kentucky 17  is a heavy producing white stemmed burley with yields as high as 6-8 ounces of dried leaf per plant. The light green leaves grow up to 36" in length and average 22"-24 inches wide. This pyramidal shaped plant can reach 7' in height and matures in approximately 70 days. 

  KY 17 grows slower in the first half of the season with its growth spurt occurring 2-3 week later than many other varieties. This a trait common to several white stemmed burleys. But it quickly catches up and surpasses other types by the end of its second month. The leaves turn yellow on the edges and have yellow mottling when ripe. It is easy to cure and is an excellent plant  for priming or whole stalk curing. The leaves air cure to a light golden brown producing a smooth smoking, full flavor tobacco with a nicotine content of approximately 4%. It is an excellent choice for blending with bright leaf varieties in cigarette blends. 

  USDA  PI 552674



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