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   Golden Wilt is a bright leaf tobacco which has high resistance to bacterial wilts, such as Granville wilt and Fusarium wilt. It also has good resistance to black shank. The need for resistance to Granville wilt became so critical that in 1934 and 1935 the Department of Agriculture sent men to Mexico, Central America, and South America to collect tobacco Seed. The aim was to get material that could be searched for wilt resistance. Out of a thousand seed collections so obtained, one showed good resistance. A selection from it, T. I. 448A, was the source of wilt resistance that has now been incorporated into Golden Wilt.

   Golden Wilt is a vigorous grower and reaches a height of 7' or more with large closely space leaves up the stalk. It performs well in areas with short growing seasons and matures in approximately 65 days. The leaves ripen shortly after blooming begins and turn a bright golden yellow color when mature. It is a heavy producer and the leaves easily air cure to a light golden yellow. It's mild flavor and smoothness make it an ideal choice for cigarette or pipe blends. 


 PI 552393

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