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  Connecticut Shade leaf produces some of the finest cigar wrappers in the world. Originally grown under trees to provide shade from the direct sun, today's shade leaf tobaccos are now commercially grown under shade cloth. The covering is used to duplicate the tropical shady conditions where this type of tobacco was originally grown. 

  Connecticut produces nearly 900,000 lbs of shade grown leaf annually. Connecticut shade-grown tobacco is one of the most expensive agricultural commodities in the world commanding prices of $55 or more per pound for the highest grades of leaf. Our seed stock originates from one of these Connecticut farms,  and is the same seed used to grow 60 acres under shade cloth in the 2013 season. 

  Connecticut Shade Leaf will grow to over 9' in height producing 26-28  leaves. The plants are very uniform and have little to no suckering. The leaves are a light green averaging 12" x 18" and turn a mottled yellow as they ripen. It matures in 75-80 days. Shade Leaf tobaccos will develop leaf qualities more similar to a broadleaf wrapper when grown in full sun. When shade grown the leaf will be larger, thinner and be more elastic. 

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