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  African Red is a bright leaf variety with white stemmed light green colored leaves.  A vigorous grower reaching 7-8 feet in height at the first crows foot. Plant form is columnar. Average size of 10th leaf at maturity is 28 inches. Leaf width 12". Averages 28 leaves on untopped plants, not including bed leaves. Matures in 80 days. African Red has a high nicotine content, averaging 2.98%. The leaves air cure to a very light reddish brown. The smoke is mild and comparable to Virginia Golds. Original seed donated to the USDA from Transvaal, South Africa in 1975.

  * All our African Red seed is from our 2013 grow of 120 plants. At mid season the plants were culled  leaving 60 plants to bloom. At mid bloom, 30 plants were selected for our seed stock and the remaining plants were topped, leaving only the best producing and earliest maturing plants to open pollinate and set seed. 

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