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African Red Bright Leaf
Banana Leaf Bright Leaf
Bamboo Shoot Bright Leaf
Big Gem Bright Leaf
Bucak Bright Leaf
Cherry Red Bright Leaf
Coker 371 Bright Leaf
Costello Negro Bright Leaf
Crimean Bright Leaf
Del Gold Bright Leaf
Dixie Bright 27 Bright Leaf
Dukat Crimean Bright Leaf
Gold Leaf 939 Bright Leaf
Gold Leaf Orinoco Bright Leaf
Golden Wilt Bright Leaf
Helena Bright Leaf
Hickory Pryor Bright Leaf
Oxford 207 Bright Leaf
Paris Wrapper Bright Leaf
Polish Bright Leaf
Reams 158 Bright Leaf
Silk Leaf Bright Leaf
Sobolchskii 193 Bright Leaf
Southern Beauty Bright Leaf
Spectrum Bright Leaf
Stolac 17 Bright Leaf
Symbol 4 Bright Leaf
Thailand Bright Leaf
Virginia 116 Bright Leaf
Vesta 64 Bright Leaf
White Mammoth Bright Leaf
Yellow Leaf Bright Leaf
Yellow Pryor Bright Leaf
Burley 21 Burley
Burley 64 Burley
Gold Dollar Burley
Golden Burley Burley
Green Brior Burley
Harrow Velvet Burley
KY 15 Burley
KY 17 Burley
KY 190 Burley
KY 8635 Burley
Monte Calme Yellow Burley
TN 86 Burley
TN86 LC Burley
TN 90 Burley
TN90 LC Burley
Virginia 509 Burley
Yellow Twist Bud Burley
Comstock Spanish Cigar
Connecticut Broadleaf Cigar
Connecticut 49 Cigar
Connecticut Shade Cigar
Cuban Criollo 98 Cigar
Dominican Republic Olor Cigar
Florida 17 Cigar
Florida Sumatra Cigar
Habano 2000 Cigar
Havana 142 Cigar
Havana 608 Cigar
Havana Z299 Cigar
Lancaster Seed leaf Cigar
Little Cuba Cigar
Long Red Cigar
Magnolia Cigar
Moonlight Cigar
Pennsylvania Red Cigar
Pergeu Brazil Cigar
Vuelta Abajo Cigar
Walkers Broadleaf Cigar
Wisconsin 901 Cigar
Ahus Cigar / Pipe
Little Dutch Cigar / Pipe
Ohio Dutch Cigar / Pipe
One Sucker Cigar / Pipe
Adonis Dark
Bolivian Criollo Black Dark
Greenwood Dark / Fire Cured
Indian Black Dark
Madole Dark
Negro Black Dark
Rot Front Dark
Small Stalk Black Mammoth Dark
Goose Creek Red Dark Virginian
Shirey Dark Virginian
Stag Horn Dark Virginian
Catterton Maryland
MD A30 Maryland
MD 609 Maryland
Pennbel 69 Maryland
Thompson Maryland
American 14 Oriental
American 572 Oriental
Bafra Oriental / Turkish
Baiano  Oriental / Hungarian
Balikesir Oriental / Turkish
Black Sea Samsun Oriental / Turkish
Bursa Oriental / Turkish
Celikhan Oriental / Turkish
Chilean Oriental / Turkish
Izmir Ozbas Oriental / Turkish
Izmir / Lebanese Oriental / Turkish
Japan 8 Oriental
Kumanovo Oriental / Hungarian
Prilep Oriental
Simox Oriental / Hungarian
Sherazi Oriental / Turkish
Tasova Oriental / Turkish
Tekne Oriental / Hungarian
Vavilov Oriental
Xanthy Oriental
Yenidje Oriental
Affinis Ornamental
Jasmine Ornamental
Only the Lonely Ornamental
Sylvestris Ornamental
Bosikappal Primitive
Clevelandii Primitive
Costa Rica 589 Primitive
Cuba 4 Primitive
Daule Primitive
Mopan Mayan Primitive
Mostrenco Primitive
Okinawa Primitive
Orinoco Primitive
Pretinho Primitive
Quadrivalvis Primitive
Tobaco Colorado Primitive
Yumbo Primitive
Aztec Rustica
Isleta Pueblo Rustica
Mohawk Rustica
Punche Rustica
Sacred Cornplanter Rustica
Sacred Wyandot Rustica
Mount Pima Unclassified
Papante Unclassified
Red Russian Unclassified
Silver River Unclassified

Our multi-packs are selected blends of seed chosen to meet individual smokers tastes. Each multi-pack contains three varieties of seed in individual packs, ready for retail sale. Click here for more info. 


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