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 Our goal at Northwest Tobacco Seeds is to provide retail distributors and growers with a wide variety of nicotiana seed of the highest quality. We grow heirloom and modern varieties following strict standards to ensure both purity of strain and viability.
 We are located in Northeast Washington State on a fertile prairie at the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains. Homesteaded in 1882, we are the 5th generation to farm here. Our growing season is short with frost free days averaging only 110 days per year. Nicotianas, and especially Nicotiana Tobaccums, are often mistakenly thought to be a plants that can only be grown in warm climates with long growing seasons. We have never found a nicotiana variety that we can't grow successfully. All of the seed varieties we offer for sale are organically grown here on our farm and will perform well in areas with short or long growing seasons. 

 We have annual field inspections by the USDA and are certified virus and bacteria free for export. Our seed is germination tested and certified by the New Mexico State Seed Lab. Please visit the links below for more information.

 We offer world wide shipping, special large volume discounts, and will do custom grows to provide the seed to meet your needs. 


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