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VA 724 is a very early maturing and ripening Bright Leaf strain that grows to 6 feet at the flower. Maturity is at 55-60 days with the leaves ripening as it nears maturity. VA 724 is resistant to black shank and black root rot. Suckering is low. It produces 16-20 leaves not including the bed leaves. The leaves average 12-14 inches in width and 24-26 inches length with good yields of 3-4 ounces per plant. The leaves should be primed and strung as they yellow and ripen up the plant. The early ripening and coloring on the plant make this a good choice for growers in the northern latitudes for both experienced and new growers.

Pedigree: Virginia Gold/Vesta 30//Coker 139

PI 552766



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