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Virginia 116 is an excellent quality bright leaf variety which grows to 5 to 6 feet in height at the crows foot. It produces an average of 18 to 20 leaves when topped, excluding bed leaves. Leaves are up to 24" long and 12" to 14" wide. It yields 3-4 ounces of leaf per plant and has good disease resistance. The leaves turn light yellow as it ripens in about 65 days after transplanting. It is easy to air cure and dries a bright golden yellow. It is mild to smoke and is an excellent choice for a cigarette tobacco or in pipe and cigarette blends.

 VA 116 was released by Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station in 1990. It was developed from a cross of NC 82 and Coker 319. It has moderate resistance to black shank, Granville wilt, and brown spot. It produces a high yield with high market price. 

 PI 543922



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