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  Ternopolskii 7 is a Russian bright leaf variety developed
by the Ternopol seed station in Ukraine. It is a columnar plant that grows to a height of 8' producing 24-26 leaves per plant. Suckering is very low. Ternopolskii 7 has a high resistance to adverse weather conditions, and complex resistance to diseases. Leaves average 12"-14" in width and 24" long, and ripen as the plant reaches bloom in 65 days. The ripe yellow leaves air cure easily to a bright yellow or light golden brown with a nicotine content of 1.3%. Ternopolskii 7 has high yields and it's mild flavor makes it an excellent choice for use in cigarettes or pipe blends.
 Ternopolskii 7 and 14 is a class Ostrolist (similar to light virginia)


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