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  Sobolchskii 33 is a fast growing and very early maturing light flavored burley, ideal for use as a cigarette tobacco. It grows to 6' and the very large, light green leaves turn yellow as the plant reaches maturity and begins to bloom. The plants produce 16 to 18 leaves below the crows foot, averaging 22"-24" in width and 28" long. Sobolchskii 33 has some of the largest leaves of any burley type, and ripens in only 50-60 days after transplanting. The leaf is very easy to cure and has a nicotine content of 1.8%. It is an excellent choice for growers with very short seasons.
It is the standard type tall Sobolchsky grown in Ukraine since 1999. 
Pedigree: (Sobolchsky 193 x 174 x 26 Trans-Dniester)

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