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  Prilep P66-9/7    This oriental tobacco was developed in Macedonia during the 1990's at the Department of Genetics and Breeding in the Tobacco Institute-Prilep, with the goal of creating and producing a more productive oriental variety with optimum yields and improved quality. Several varieties of Prilep tobaccos were crossed and bred from 1992 - 2002, with Prilep P66-9/7 emerging as the most promising. In 2004 it was officially recognized as a new variety and by 2010 accounted for 70-80% of Macedonia's Prilep production.

  Prilep P66-9/7 grows to a height of 4 1/2' feet in a narrow columnar shape. The leaves are up turned and densely packed on the stalk with plants yielding 50 to 55 leaves per plant. The light green leaves are very crinkled in appearance and range from 6"-8" in width and 10"-14" in length, depending on the method of cultivation. Prilep P66-9/7 performs well in a variety of conditions and is suited for growing in light thin soils as well as more fertile soils with little difference in leaf quality. It can be planted much closer together than most tobaccos with only 14" to 16" needed between plants.

  The plants reach maturity in 70-75 days with a dense flower head similar to Hungarian types. The lower leaves begin to ripen about 2 weeks before flowering begins with the majority of leaves ripening consecutively after blooming. The leaves sun cure to a yellow orange color and air cure to a light orange brown. Plants grown under irrigation have a lower nicotine content and lower sugar content that plants grown in dry conditions. Nicotine can range from 1% to 2.3% and soluble sugars from 18.5% to 29%. During smoking, this tobacco is medium in strength with a full and very sweet taste with an intensive aroma. Prilep P66-9/7 is an excellent tobacco for blending in cigarettes, Little is needed to impart its delicious sweetness and aroma to a blend. 

* A big thanks to Maks in Slovenia, and to Bob in Virginia, for passing this seed on to us! 

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